Wall Travel Charger for Canon LP-E10 Battery
-AC/DC Desktop Wall Charger Output: DC 8.4V 600mA
-AC/DC Desktop Wall Charger
Input: AC 110 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
-Portable design
-Smart LED indication
-Short-circuit protection
-AC plug prones swings into the back of the charger for easy storage
-Full Charging Time (For reference only): 2 ~ 4 hours
-Battery charger only,
-Charge status LED turns from red to green when battery is fully charged
Compatible with Camera Battery Code (Not limited to):
-Canon LP-E10 Compatible with following Models
-Canon EOS Rebel T3 EOS D EOS Kiss X50
Charger and Battery for Canon NB 1L, NB2L/2LH, NB3L, NB4LH, NB5L, NB5H, NB 6L, NB 8L, NB 10L, NB 511, Canon LP-E5, LP-E6, LP-E8 LP-E10 and more also available.
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