C7 USB Data and Charging Cable for Samsung Cameras
- 2 in 1 Data and Charging cable
-connect your camera to your PC or laptop with this data cable so that you can easily transfer and share your photos with family and friends
-Start syncing your camera with a PC today through this premium quality micro USB type B data cable.
-Connect your camera to your PC / Laptop to access and synchronize your pictures
-Prevents RF and EM interference
-Color: Black
-Compatible With:following Samsung camera models
ES Series ES55, ES57, ES63, ES65, ES70
HZ Series HZ10W, HZ15W, HZ30W
I Series i8, i80
L Series L100, L110, L120, L200, L201, L210, L310, L310W, L313, L313W
M Series M100, M110, M310, M310W
NV Series NV103, NV106, NV30, NV33, NV4, NV40, NV9
P Series P, P, P800
PL Series PL100, PL150, PL50, PL55, PL57, PL60, PL65
SL Series SL102, SL201, SL202, SL310, SL310W, SL420, SL50, SL502, SL600, SL620
ST Series ST45, ST50, ST500, ST, ST60, ST70
TL Series TL100, TL105, TL110, TL205, TL210, TL220, TL240, TL9, TL90
WB Series WB500, WB, WB550, WB600
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