I find that spending $60 to $140 on a waxing iron is ridiculous but it is hard to find an ordinary iron without holes in the base.
This is actually a travel iron (120v or 220v switchable) that I have used for waxing my skis for years. I also bring it with me for general ironing purposes when I travel.I'm selling this one as I found another that is slightly smaller.
The price is more than fair and is firm.
Tips on using it:
1: Melt the wax
Heat the iron to 240-250 degrees, or just above the low setting. Hold the bar of wax against the iron so it melts and drips onto the ski. Cover the ski with a zig-zag trail of wax.
Tip:... If the wax smokes, your iron is too hot.
2: Iron the ski
Iron the wax drops into the ski with a smooth, firm, straight motion. Work from the center to the tip, and then from the center to the tail. Then go over the whole ski again from tip to tail.